Friday, July 13, 2007

Wouldn't we all rather be here.

One essential key to achieving success the like you want is keeping a picture in your mind of what it is you really want. The book "Master-key to Riches" talks about how imagination, when used properly can be a very vital tool in your quest for success. Keeping a good mental picture of what you are trying to achieve is necessary to keeping yourself on track and avoiding distractions.

A good way to help yourself focused on your goals is to have pictures of what you want so you can keep your imagination stimulated. If one of your dreams, for instance, is to be able to travel to warm, tropical places throughout the world than find pictures of place you want to go. If your favorite search engine has an image search go there and do a search for tropical beaches, find some pictures that move you and save them in a special folder so you can look at them any time your imagination needs some refueling. Another great source of inspiration can be found through the use of calenders. At the beginning of a new year get a couple calenders that have pictures that motivate a inspire you. That way you can have fresh imagination fuel each month.

Of course there are lots of people who have calenders or pictures on their computer's desktop of wonderfully scenic places, but they only really represent mere wishes or hopes. If you really want to your dreams and goals to be fulfilled you have got to want them with all you heart. You have to have a burning desire and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are going to be there and you will.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Desire by Brandon

I was going to do a reviews for the books on my favorite books list but I am now reading through Think and Grow Rich again and I realized that it is so full jam-packed with good information that instead I could just do brief summaries of each chapter individually, so this is the first one. I am going to start with the chapter on desire with is actually the second chapter because the first is kind of an introduction.

Desire is the number one most important thing for any kind of success. If you don't have any desire to accomplish anything than you will not have the willpower or follow-through to be a success at whatever you want.

In the book Think and Grow Rich it tells a story of a great warrior who was taking his men into battle against an enemy that far outnumbered them. He need a way to ensure that him and his men would have victory in the upcoming battle. So he ordered that the ships they sailed on be burn cutting of any possible way of retreat. As he and his men stood on the shore watching their ships burn he turned to them and said, "You see the ships going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice - we win - or we perish. Needless to say they won.

That is the type of attitude one needs to have if they expect to succeed at anything. You will need to cut off all hope of retreat leaving victory as your only option. If yo try to enter into any type of endeavor with out having "burned your ships" how will you ever be able to move forward.

If you know what you want and have a burning desire to see it through to the end than nothing can stop you. A person with definiteness of purpose back by a burning desire is one of the greatest force known. It was these traits that allowed Wright Brothers to build and fly the first airplane. It was these traits that took Thomas Edison from being someone who people thought was mentally inept to becoming known as one of the greatest minds of the Twentieth Century. And it is desire that will get you to wherever you want to go in life.

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Relations And Successful Living By Jose D Ramon

It is commonly accepted that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results to come up. If we apply this insanity idea to our every day life style, I would say that insanity is going to the same places, joining the same people and expecting a great Lyfe Style change. Relations are important.

To change our Life Style we have to make changes. Lots of them. However, there is one change that is absolutely mandatory. We have to change the people we get along with. We have to join the people who achieved the Life Style we dream about.

Internet tools, Internet resources, Internet Marketing knowledge are very important. However, besides learning what we have to do to become healthy wealthy and wise we have to join people who live a Lyfe Style of well being and constant achievement. We have to learn how to achieve a healthy, wealthy and wise style of living.

To be healthy, we must join and do what healthy people do. To be wealthy we must be with wealthy people and see what they are doing. Then go and do as they do.

There is a book which is sold around the world about becoming rich. That is Think and grow rich. When Napoleon Hill started writing his master piece, he was not rich at all. What he did was interviewing the wealthy people of his time and then work on their ideas until becoming rich himself.

We have two minds: The conscious and the unconscious mind. The latest is quicker, and so much powerful than the conscious mind. The unconscious mind work on autopilot. When we read, write, drive our car, cook and million other tasks, we do not think. We act automatically. Of course we used our conscious mind to learn those same tasks. Once we use our abilities on autopilot we are more efficient and we get results much faster.

We have to re program our thought and our actions to think and act as rich people think and act. It is important to act on our thoughts and act to make automatic our thinking about wealth and prosperity.

We must relate with rich and wealthy people to learn from them, to learn and understand their habits about money and prosperity. We must relate with those who dream about a rich and wealthy life style. From the rich and wealthy people we learn how to become one of them. From the dreamers we get the opportunities for us to lead them into the land of achievement and they help us prove that becoming rich, prosperous and wealthy is a task that is really rewarding and promising of a great and better Universe.

From the successful we learn that there is a better way, a better life style. From the wise men we learn the techniques to be used to automate our thoughts. We have to learn from the philosophers and mental programmers. We have to find the pieces to build our puzzle and have the Life Style we and our families deserve.

Let´s begin to automate our way to dreamland. Then, let´s automate the way for us to lead others into achieving their dreams and then, let´s join all successful people into building the Universe we dream about.

Relations is the name of the game. We have to relate with those who know what to do. We have to relate with those who know how to do. We have to relate with those who have done what we want to achieve. Also, we have to relate to those who are desperate and willing to become real success stories for themselves and society.The name of the game is: RELATIONS.

We need to systematize our way to great achievement, in such a way that we get results for us and others. We have to build a system that works and becomes automatic in our everyday living. We have to automate our habits in such a way that we get the results we want over and over again and a system to teach others to build over and over real success stories.

We have to automate our habits of getting results, of being healthy, wealthy, wise and prosperous. We have to automate our habits of feeling calm, happy, healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Our mind really works, both consciously and on autopilot. Our relations are important to learn from them how they achieved great results and they are also very valuable to show us the living stories that took them from no where to dream land.

Experience is great, provided we are talking about successful experiences. Techniques are great provided we can use them to get what we want out of life and show the way to those dreamers with enough courage to separate from what they are, to get what they dream about.

Breathing is great provided we breath healthy clean, pure air. Relations are great provided they help us to become the success stories we want to be and to teach others what to do and how to do to achieve their own dreams.

Let us automate our thoughts and behaviors into habits that are empowering and success builders. Let us make a habit of accepting only the thoughts and habits that build confidence. Confidence in ourselves and confidence in a world full of opportunities and great people ready to help us become the human beings we want to be and enjoy the Life Style we strive for and deserve.

We have to use the treasure of our conscious mind to build healthy constructive relations. We have to use the treasure of our subconscious mind to select those great men and women who achieved awesome results and are eager to help us achieve our own dreams.

Whatever we want: health. Love, prosperity and abundance, we deserve them. And we deserve to become acquainted and share with those healthy, wealthy and prosperous beings who are real examples of a better universe and are eager to help us find the whats and hows of becoming the real success stories they became.

Relations are great, provided we relate to people with great achievements. Relations are great provided we relate with people who are eager to build the thoughts and habits needed to become real success stories.

Jose Damaso Ramon

Jose Damaso Ramon
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Successful Living: Take Responsibility for Empowering Your Attitude and Actions By Melissa Wadsworth

Personal responsibility. We each know we have it in the various areas of our lives: work and career, family relationships, friends, future goals. But do we always do all we could in directing our attitude and actions for a positive result? Do we use our attitude and actions to empower ourselves? Or has the hectic pace of modern living encouraged us to let crucial attributes slide?

For instance, I know that I have a responsibility to give back to others. Each time I hear of someone volunteering with real heart and purpose, I am reminded that I need to do more. In the meantime I try to be friendly and helpful to people I come in contact with. I’m not always as successful as I’d like to be (Oops! I was in my head again and missed an opportunity to return the smile of a nice stranger).

Also, I know that I have a responsibility to interact with others fairly and with kindness. We all get our fear buttons pushed. Such moments are prime opportunities to push back. We can push back fear and act with generosity and optimism. We can imagine our connection to others and act more inclusively.

There’s enough success to go around for everyone. There’s enough business. We can remind ourselves that our agenda shares a stage with many other people and their own goals and plans. How we execute our daily tasks and goals is just as important as when we complete them. If at the end of the day we can say we acted with grace and honor to fulfill our goals, then it’s a very good day indeed.

Of course, the most important responsibility we have is to ourselves. Since we are the first link in our chain of influence and connection, ideally, we act from a hopeful, grounded and honest place. From a place of heart that nourishes us so we have more to give ourselves, others and our communities.

Boost Your Focus on These Five Areas of Personal Responsibility:

1. Kindness. Embrace nice. The smallest acts of kindness can change the energy in someone’s day (indeed your own) or even make you a hero in another’s eyes. Find these opportunities. Grab them as they arise. And, remember the flip side: negativity in any form matters: small meanness as well as selfish behavior. Don’t rationalize unkindness.

2. Courage. Sometimes it takes courage to be an agent for positive change. You might have to step up and report someone’s negative management style. You might need to point out someone’s unsuccessful relationship patterns. I once witnessed a boss who was being so emotionally cruel to a secretary that she had her in tears. When I asked her what she was doing, it was almost like I awoke her from a trance. She was truly apologetic.

3. Integrity. Be uncompromising in your intention to take the highroad. Shortcuts are tempting. Rationalization is often right on the tips of our tongues. Walk your talk and act in sync with your values. It will reduce your own stress, not to mention that of others in your sphere of influence.

4. Courtesy. Business and social courtesies seem to be quickly eroding. Maybe it’s a technological side effect? Regardless, do your part to act with courtesy. RSVP. Follow up when you network. Respond to job applications (even with a form letter). Return calls in a timely manner. Send a "Thank You" card to someone who has done you a favor or a kindness. Use your turn signal! It’s a great opportunity to set yourself apart in a very positive way. And, just think of all the good energy that should soon be headed your way.

5. Self-examination. Every now and again, maybe after a hectic week, it's good to review how satisfied and pleased you are with your own behavior. Self-knowledge: it’s healthy to occasionally question your motives for words and actions. Did anything you say or do feel too self-serving, greedy or out of alignment with how you think of yourself, or how you'd like to regarded? Be frank. Make adjustments as necessary and keep challenging yourself to grow.

If you pay attention to your attitude and actions in these five areas than each day will be a meaningful success.

Melissa Wadsworth is a self-help author and speaker specializing in creative awareness and personal growth topics. Check out her book Small Talk Savvy Then sign up for her FREE "Living Awareness" ezine at: www.melissawadsworth.comandd receive a FREE copy of her special report "Personal Insight: Seven Steps to Empowering Yourself."

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Successful Living! By Raymond Usbal

We all have 24 hours each day.

No one have more, no one have less. What is then the difference for it is evident that others accomplish more than the rest?

Respect of time

We must realize that time is a limited commodity. Our time on earth is limited, our years are numbered. So we must be wise then to redeem our time.

The desire to grow

You can use all your time digging dirt or you could use some of your time to polish your brain to work in it its higher caliber. The question is, do you have the guts to do it? Are you motivated enough to make a change for good?

Growing is one of the most painful of all experiences. Suffering makes one grow. We didn't plan to suffer but when we refuse to grow or mature, we suffer nonetheless. In that situation, being wise enought, we then make the decision to grow.


We can use our imagination to work for us or against us. You can imagine that there is a lion waiting at the streets to eat you up, thus you are afraid to venture in the open in fear of being eaten up by a lion! So what is your lion? Isn't it just a figment of your imagination that you created so that you can have an excuse to pamper yourself in bed all day?

Your imagination can do you unspeakable good. Take a good look at the city, tell me is there a single building that was built without an architect who designed it first conceptually on paper. Yes all creation starts at the mind. Be careful though that it will not die in there. Let your dreams grow strengthening it continually by feeding your mind with positive thoughts.


Where am I to go? That is one of the most difficult questions I have to answer recently. I have two job offers that compete each other in offered benefits. But that doesn't give me the reason not to decide. As painful as it can be we must make decisions that either break us or make us.

So where do we get our directions? The apostle Paul preached the good news from place to place. Like fire that burns everything in its way so is the apostle preaching the good news of salvation in every place he goes. But not always… at times the Holy Spirit hindered him to enter a certain village to direct him to another one.

So we must be sensitive enough for the leading of the Holy Spirit. The bible also says that the Children of God are led by the Spirit of God.


As important it is to use our time wisely, it is also important to rest. When we rest, we enable our bodies and imagination to recharge itself. Only by resting that we can accomplish more and properly maintain the most important asset in achiving our goals -- our physical bodies.

Raymond S. Usbal is a Filipino Christian writer who wants to inspire others by sharing tidbits of wisdom and humor for practical living. He is, at the same time, a PHP/MySQL programmer. Be inspired more by visiting!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Reading Success Minded Books Can Improve Your Thinking and Your Life by Brandon

Living a successful life is one of the deepest desires in most people's hearts, and anyone who says otherwise is probably not being totally truthful, at least conscientiously. Anyone who says that money will not bring you happiness is partially right, however, they need to keep in mind that having bills to pay will not bring happiness either. No one likes to go to the mailbox knowing that there is going to be bills in there that they cannot afford to pay.

So what can we do to get ourselves out of the financial situations some us find ourselves in and on to a greater life we want and may even feel we somewhat deserve? One of the easiest and most effective ways is the read.

Some people like to read and some people do not. Some people vowed that they would never pick up a book again after leaving school. Which ever of the two categories you fall into is irrelevant if you wish to leave behind your average like for a great life.

Books are capable of stimulating our imaginations and taking us to far away places. Books can teach us things that we may have never known without some one to have written them. Some books even allow us to look deep within ourself to discover aspects and capabilities of ourselves that we might not have even known were there. But most importantly books can can help us to change our thinking in order that we can change the way we live.

Go to any bookstore or do a search online and you will be able to find dozens, if not hundreds, of books written about living a successful life. You can find books on how to have better people skills. Books on how to manage your finances better. Books on how to invest and the list goes on an on. Most importantly though you can find books on how to think, which is most important because without proper thought process you really have nothing, which is why most people who win the lottery usually end up worse off then before they won it. They do not have the proper thought process to handle the immediate "success."

Most all people who have achieved any real type of success were readers. Virtually no one is born with the know how to be successful. All of us need to educate ourselves on how to think properly if we want to live successfully. I have heard some very successful business partners of mine say many times that "two things will determine where you end up in life: the books you read and the people you associate with." So whether you like to read or not, and if you have not ever done so, do yourself a favor; find a good book that can help you change your thinking and your life.

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